what is the weekly gross pay? Assume overtime pay for time exceeding 40 hours.Hourly rate: $9.14, Hours worked:48A. $365,60B. $438.72C. $475.28D. $658.08

Accepted Solution

You want to multiply 40 hours by the regular hourly pay which would be $9.14,
9.14*40= 365.6

Overtime is generally 1.5 times regular pay so take 9.14*1.5= 13.71 and this would be your overtime hourly rate

Regular hourly rate (1x) : $9.14
Overtime hourly rate (1.5x): $13.71

Take your 8 hours of OT and multiply it by 13.71
13.71*8= 109.68

Add 365.6 and 109.68 to get a final answer of 475.28. The answer would've been C