What is the pattern in the values as the exponents increase?

Accepted Solution

Answer:"Multiply the previous value by 2"Step-by-step explanation:Let's check the first 2 terms for all the answer choices.1. Add [tex]\frac{1}{16}[/tex] to the previous value:[tex]\frac{1}{32}+\frac{1}{16}=\frac{3}{32}[/tex]Doesn't match.2. Subtract [tex]\frac{1}{16}[/tex] from the previous value:[tex]\frac{1}{32}-\frac{1}{16}=-\frac{1}{32}[/tex]Doesn't match.3. Divide the previous value by 2:[tex]\frac{\frac{1}{32}}{2}\\=\frac{1}{32}*\frac{1}{2}=\frac{1}{64}[/tex]Doesn't match.4. Multiply the previous value by 2:[tex]\frac{1}{32}*2=\frac{2}{32}=\frac{1}{16}[/tex]DOES WORK!Also, doing the same thing with all the other values would give us matching answer. So this choice is right.