Brian is buying fancy fishing lures for an upcoming tournament. Spinner baits, S, cost $4 each, and river bugs, R, cost $2 each. Brian wants to buy some of each lure and spend no more than $45. Which inequality models this situation?A) 4S + 2R ≤ 45 B) 4S + 2R ≥ 45 C) 4S + 2R < 45 D) 4S + 2R > 45

Accepted Solution

Answer:A) 4S + 2R ≤ 45Step-by-step explanation:The keyword[s] more than, indicates that the maximum amount Brian will pay will be somewhere between the lowest he can pay and $45. There IS a range of purchase, so we choose the less than or equal to inequality.I am joyous to assist you anytime.